A Research Assistant position is available!


To apply submit a CV and a short cover letter at  https://bit.ly/2YjDC7q
Please include contact for a least two science-related references

Who we are

We are building an entirely new research group in the Cardiovascular Research Institute at UCSF Mission bay campus in San Francisco. We will investigate the fundamental molecular processes through which cells organize their genome inside the nucleus, and the role of chromatin structure in regulating gene activity during the differentiation of embryonic stem cells. We are looking fora full-time research assistant to provide support on several scientific projects, as well as fulfill general lab management duties and help set up the research activities of the group.

Duties and responsibilities

– Perform molecular and cell biology experiments such as DNA cloning, mammalian cell culture and transfection, manipulation of DNA and RNA in vitro, CRISPR/Cas9-based genome engineering, western-blot, quantitative PCR

– Alternating between leading short-term independent research projects and providing technical support to other larger projects in the lab

– Lab management responsibilities, including purchasing supplies and reagents, managing inventory, equipment maintenance, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance

– Produce high quality data for publication and grant applications

– Work closely with the principal investigator and other lab members to ensure effective day-to-day laboratory workflow


– Hold a Bachelor of Science or equivalent in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, or a related field

– Understanding of basic Molecular and Cell biology

– Basic laboratory skills (pipetting, data collection/analysis/reporting, project planning, …)

– Excellent experimental, organizational and communication skills

– Show initiative regarding maintenance of the lab (stocks, equipment, general organization …)

– Be interested in working with the principal investigator to optimize lab management

– Self-motivation, ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with other lab members

– Readiness to acquire new and advanced experimental skills

– Proficient in Microsoft office, ability to communicate through digital media

– Fluently communicate, read and write the English language

– Integrity, ability to document work clearly, maintain physical/digital notebooks enabling reproducibility

Preferred qualifications

– Practical experience in molecular biology and/or mammalian cell culture

– Practical knowledge of genomics, bioinformatics (R programming), Adobe Illustrator, and FlowJo are desired.

Special work schedule requirements

– Occasional need to work overtime, holidays, or weekends

Minimal commitment of two years is required.

More about the lab: https://noralab.ucsf.edu
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‘Discovery reveals chromosomes organize into yarns’ [here]
List of scientific publications [here]